Patients must understand risks of hair transplants-7625

October 27th, 2010
Patients must understand risks of hair transplants-7625

Males suffering from baldness will often seek extreme remedies to try and make their hair grow back. One of the most effective treatments is the hair transplant, but men thinking about this drastic step should consider the possible complications and side effects that can follow.

The hair transplant is often a last resort in the treatment process, after other more conventional and less invasive procedures have failed. The hair transplant itself involves moving baldness resistant follicles from the back of the head to the front, where most men experience their bald patches. Another surgical procedure, which is available if other methods have failed is hair implanting; similar to the hair transplant, but using new hair follicles rather than ones from the patient’s own head.

However, both treatments have their obvious side effects. Being surgical procedures, there are considerations to be made about pre and post-operative care and the inherent dangers in undergoing any treatment that involves a general anaesthetic.

While success is more likely with hair transplants or hair implants, they are still not as popular as other treatments because of these issues and the possibility of side effects after the surgery.

Patients are being urged by doctors and therapists to seriously explore the alternatives to hair transplants before deciding to take the plunge and have the surgery carried out. The decision to undergo any surgery should not be taken lightly and prospective patients must make sure they understand exactly what is involved in their treatment and what they can expect afterwards.

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