Do It Yourself Abortion-0974

February 14th, 2013
Do It Yourself Abortion-0974

Women in past generations who found themselves in the position of being pregnant but not wanting the baby ,took measures they hoped would help abort the foetus.

By and large, these measures were unsuccessful, even dangerous. However, scientists have been working on an idea which may offer women the choice of either attending a clinic (and all the embarrassment etc. that goes with that) or doing it by themselves at home with loving family around them.

The issue of abortion in countries like the USA is still a hot topic with many US states devising new laws or regulations to try and limit who is eligible for abortion. The pro-choice lobby have been vocal and win most of the time, but the issue doesn’t seem to be something that will go away readily.

But it may no longer be that way if women are able to exercise their right to choose in the comfort and safety of their own home.

What is this miracle treatment?

Well in reality at the moment it can’t be described as a miracle. Rather it is just an added mechanism that could help some women.

Basically it is using a chemical – in the form of something called RU-486. And it’s currently available over the internet.

The problem is the product may not be safe. It certainly isn’t as safe as visiting a clinic where medical staff can monitor the individual and address any complication that may arise. Doing it yourself takes that professional overseeing away.

Ironically, the safety of women was a factor anti-abortionists used to try to overthrow the very idea of destroying a foetus. How they will react to do it yourself abortions is anyone’s guess at the moment.

What’s more, seemingly, they and state governments are powerless to stop women choosing to buy products such as RU-486, although they do do at their own risk.


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