Judge condemns private cosmetic surgery clinic-2532

February 11th, 2011
Judge condemns private cosmetic surgery clinic-2532

The plastic surgery in question is based in Rotherham. It was accused of a series of failings that could have had serious consequences for its patients.

The judgement was made by Nancy Hillier, the judge in the Health, Education and Social Care Tribunal. She said: “[inspections had revealed] significant and extensive breaches of the relevant standards.”

Attacking the ethos of the management at the hospital, Ms Hillier added: “All is well if nothing serious has happened to the patient.

“As a result of the breaches, safety was potentially compromised to such an extent that a very serious incident could quite easily have occurred.

“The system…was simply not safe.”

The Rotherham practice offered patients cosmetic surgery, gastric banding, gastric balloon insertion, eye surgery and laser hair removal. It went into administration two years ago. The director of the hospital was suspended by the General Medical Council, but tried to open a new clinic a short time after.

However all his efforts to clear his name so far, have been denied.

The reasons for having cosmetic surgery are many and varied. However one reason which seems to be growing in Canada is applying for a job.

This growth was noticed by a Toronto surgeon, Dr. David Ellis who said: “Youthful appearance is still predominant in the workforce. I think collectively the women in my practice, 40-55, are competitive and do worry about the gals a decade below them.”

This view seems to be backed up by a survey which found women in their 50’s wanted to look about 11 years younger. The survey, carried out by Leger Marketing also said: “Twenty-eight per cent of women feel like they give off the wrong first impression because of how tired and stressed their skin looks.”Plastic surgery has been predominantly a female thing, but more and more men are going under the knife.

Dr. Ellis said: “Men come in and proportionally use more Botox because they don’t like the famous number 11 between their eyes. They want to soften that. They don’t want to look as stern or harsh; they just look a little bit softer and refreshed.”

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