Legalised Killing of Abortion Providers resurfaces-5276

April 19th, 2011
Legalised Killing of Abortion Providers resurfaces-5276

A bill was recently defeated by pro abortionists in South Dakota which would have legalised the killing of providers who offered abortion services. However it seems that the same bill has resurfaced except this time the State is Nebraska.

The original bill which was brought by Republican State representative Phil Jensen would have made it legal to claim justifiable homicide if an anti abortionist killed someone who carried out an abortion in South Dakota. The bill was shelved when the legislature realised it couldn’t get it through.

While pro abortionists rejoiced at this, little did they realise a similar action was being proposed in Nebraska, by State Senator, Mark Christensen. The latter is so devoutly religious that he opposes abortion even in cases involving a rape victim. He believes they should just accept the consequences, even though they are not at fault.

The Nebraskan bill is different from the South Dakotan bill in that it restricts who can claim justifiable homicide. This would include only a pregnant woman, her husband, her parents, or her children.

Shocked at the news of this new antiabortion campaign Melissa Grant of Planned Parenthood told reporters: “In short, this bill authorizes and protects vigilantes, and that’s something that’s unprecedented in our society.”

The Nebraskan bill is also opposed by David Baker, the deputy chief executive officer of the Omaha police department who spoke out, saying: “We share the same fears…that this could be used to incite violence against abortion providers.”

The proposer of the bill, Mr. Christensen however defends his decision to push it through the Nebraskan legislature. He said: “LB 232 is really nothing more than an attempt to make sure a pregnant woman is not unnecessarily charged with a crime for using force to protect her unborn child from someone who means to bring harm to her unborn children.”

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