Like Mother Like Child…-5293

May 30th, 2013
Like Mother Like Child…-5293

…where obesity is concerned.

Interesting research in Canada appears to show a connection between weight loss in mothers and behaviour in children.

It seems that women who lost weight after giving birth also affected their child’s behaviour encouraging them to stay slim.

The research which is the first of its kind also found that such children were also slimmer than any older siblings. Also reduced was their risk of weight-related diseases such as Diabetes.

Scientists believe that the genes in such children behave differently in younger siblings than older ones.

Speaking with reporters, Dr Marie-Claude Vohl of Laval University in Quebec City, and one of the lead scientists believes that the genetic impact is something that will affect a person for their whole life.

A contemporary of Dr Vohl who was not involved in the original research but has carried out related studies thought the approach was innovative. Duke University’s Dr Susan Murphy believes that the original nutritional surrounding that a child experiences could affect their developing metabolism.

One of the biggest areas of obesity research nowadays is connected with pregnancy. Putting weight on during this period of a woman’s life can have an adverse effect on their behaviour and weight after giving birth.

As such, scientists are looking into how best to help women reduce their weight or modify their behaviour during or after pregnancy.

“[Obesity impacts on your life and], it’s impacting your child,” Dr Murphy said.


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