Potential Republican Presidential Candidate Likens Abortion To Slavery-9393

April 7th, 2011
Potential Republican Presidential Candidate Likens Abortion To Slavery-9393

Mike Huckabee, former Arkansas Governor and possible presidential candidate suggested that abortion was akin to slavery.

Speaking at a fundraising event he said: “It was wrong to own a slave in Mississippi and Michigan. This is not a states issue.”

The outspoken Republican who is opposed to abortion also said the abortion issue transcends political parties. He told a local paper: “I often said I would gladly lose an election before I would ever yield on the issue of the sanctity of human life.”

How well his views go down with the electorate is anyone’s guess. It seems people in America are polarised along party lines when it comes to abortion. In general, Republicans oppose it while Democrats and other left leaning individuals support it. The latter believe that it is a mother’s right to choose.

On the other hand, Mike Huckabee and other Republicans believe that a mother shouldn’t have that right to choose, or at best have the right curtailed.

Mr. Huckabee added: “What are we saying to the generation coming after us when we tell them that it is perfectly OK for one person to own another human being?

“I thought we dealt with that 150 years ago when the issue of slavery was finally settled in this country, and we decided that it no longer was a political issue, it wasn’t an issue of geography, it was an issue of morality.

“That it was either right or it was immoral that one person could own another human being and have full control even to the point of life and death over that other human being.”

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