Report reveals that Britons are the worst dieters-6460

December 23rd, 2010
Report reveals that Britons are the worst dieters-6460

A report has revealed that British women are the worst dieters in Europe.

The report shows that German and French ladies are able to lose weight and keep it off, while British women lack the willpower to stay on diets and often end up giving them after just a few days. Self-confessed “lardy lady” Mary Gold, a Daily Mail columnist, said that she is not at all surprised at the results of the report. British women are famous for adopting bizarre diets, which involve eating obscure foods for a set period of time or barely eating anything for days on end.

Gold said that many of her friends often abstain from eating for hours on end, only to comfort themselves with a well-deserved glass of wine, get a little tipsy and end up ordering a calorie-packed take-away.

Gold said the problem in the UK was down to the popularity of fad diets; everyone has come across them at some point and most women have tried at least one. Famous examples include the cabbage soup diet, the no wheat and no dairy diet, the fruit diet and the pulse and bean diet.

The popularity of fad diets often takes away from the most successful diet, which involves eating healthily and exercising on a regular basis. Many nutritional experts have stated that weight loss is nothing more than a simple equation, which involves burning off as many calories as you take in, yet thousands of people will still resort to fad diets because they are popular with celebrities and promise quick results.

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