Type 2 Diabetics Can Benefit From Surgery-1929

October 17th, 2013
Type 2 Diabetics Can Benefit From Surgery-1929

Recent research has found that people who are type 2 diabetics, and are obese will benefit from weight loss surgery. It seems doing so helps manage their diabetes better.

Diabetes is a complex disorder manifested by the inability of the body to control blood-sugar levels. Type 1 diabetics generally need insulin to control blood-sugar but type 2 diabetics normally need just medication and / or improved diet.

However while some type 2 diabetics inherit the disorder (there is a one in 2 chance of offspring inheriting the disease from one parent with the problem) lifestyle often plays a part. What’s more as well as damaging tissues and organs, most type 2 diabetics are overweight.

The study into the effects of surgery on type 2 diabetics was carried out by Professor Katherine Samaras from the Garvan Institute and St. Vincent’s Hospital in Australia.

The study followed 15 diabetics also described as morbidly obese. The latter is one with a body mass index of over 40. All patients had gastric band surgery.

Speaking with reporters, Professor Samaras said that weight loss has been a known factor in improvement for many years and that this proved it.

But that wasn’t the only finding. It appears that patients suffered less inflammation as a result of surgery. It is believed this relates to the reduction in the fall in glucose levels.

Although Professor Samaras believes that diet must be the main factor in controlling blood-sugar levels, she added that she understands the band treatment likely helps to reduce calorie intake.

Diabetes is a massive problem, particularly in highly developed industrial societies. Lifestyle is blamed for most of the cases.

Although bariatric surgery is obviously a useful treatment, Professor Samaras and others cautions that it will be wrong for type 2 diabetics to think the procedure is a cure.

Diabetes cannot currently be cured – only managed.


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