Anti-obesity medication

Anti-obesity medication is a form of medication which can reduce or control weight. They can be prescribed by a GP as part of a weight management programme. This programme will involve a sensible diet and exercise regime. This medication is known to result in small but safe amounts of weight loss; however they mustn’t be seen as an easy answer to serious weight problems. At present there are two types of anti-obesity medication: Reductil and Xenical.

These have been approved for use but under medical supervision. They have been proven to work but they do come with a set of strict criteria as to their use. As with all drugs there are side effects with this medication and so their use must be monitored carefully. There are guidelines as to who can use them and for how long.

How do they work?

These drugs work by either affecting the absorption of calories from food intake or by directly affecting the metabolism. They can reduce the amount of fat absorbed during food breakdown which means less of this going into your system (and into your body!). They can also alter the chemical messengers in the brain which are directly responsible for appetite regulation. We all produce two hormones called ghrelin and leptin which are responsible for feelings of hunger and fullness. In a nutshell, they control appetite regulation. What these drugs do is to affect this regulation. This can mean that you will require smaller portions and will become full much quicker than normal. Smaller portions mean reduced calorie intake and therefore weight loss.

They are most effective when combined with diet and exercise and form part of a complete lifestyle change. They have been developed in response to the growing problem of obesity and the fact that it’s a complex problem as well. There are a whole range of factors responsible for excessive weight gain, one of these being genetic. Anti-obesity medication is one answer to this problem.

There are just two types of anti-obesity drugs available.

Anti Obesity Medication

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