What are the benefits of obesity surgery?

The most obvious benefit is weight loss: it does depend on the type of procedure but generally, you could be looking at up to 80% weight loss. This varies from one person to another but is an average figure. Weight loss means reduced body fat levels which equates to a slimmer, more natural looking you.

You will find that the greatest amount of weight loss will be in the first twelve months following surgery. After that it will tend to slow down and eventually reach a stable level. This is because your body has adjusted to the reduced calorie intake and has reached what we call a ‘plateau’. If that’s a sensible, healthy weight then that is fine. What you need to do then is to maintain that weight level. If you feel you need to lose a little more then you can adjust your diet and activity levels accordingly.

Apart from weight loss, another benefit is a reduced risk of developing an obesity-related disease such as Type II diabetes. These conditions or ‘co-morbidities’ are extremely serious and very often are NOT reversible. If you already suffer from one of these conditions then as a result of surgery you will find that it greatly improves or in some cases disappears altogether.

Another factor linked to this is that these co-morbidities are life-threatening. In some cases you could be looking at losing seven years off your life. By undergoing this type of surgery you will reduce any long term health risks and ensure that you have a normal life expectancy.

Other physical benefits include increased energy, better mobility and overall, your general health will have improved.

Psychologically, your new found weight loss and improved appearance will mean an altogether better quality of life. Your confidence will start to improve and you will feel better about yourself. Whereas you might have previously shied away from social situations you will find that the opposite is the case. And, you will be able to undertake the normal, everyday activities that we all take for granted.

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