Am I suitable for a dental crown?

If you have experienced any of the following then you will be considered for a dental crown:

  • A dental implant: if you have had an implant inserted then a crown is fitted to this implant by means of a small attachment called an abutment.
  • Bruxism: also known as teeth grinding: if you have a tendency to grind your teeth, and your diet is poor as well then this will have a negative effect on your teeth. Your teeth will erode to the point where a crown may be the only treatment option.
  • Accident or injury: if you have been involved in an accident which has resulted in a broken or badly chipped tooth then it can be repaired with a crown.
  • Aesthetic: some patients choose to have a crown for cosmetic reasons.
  • Root canal surgery: if you have undergone root canal treatment then a crown may be necessary to strengthen the tooth.
  • Significant fracture: if you have a seriously fractured tooth that cannot be repaired by composite bonding then consider having a crown.
  • Large filling: a crown can offer extra protection if you have undergone a rather large filling.
  • Severe decay: if you have a tooth which shows serious signs of decay then a crown may be the only answer. This decay may have weakened the structure to such an extent that it is unable to hold a filling.

Your dentist will discuss this form of treatment with you as well as assessing your suitability for a crown.

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