What is the procedure for having a dental crown fitted?

The treatment consists of two stages:

Stage 1

This involves an initial consultation in which all the treatment options are discussed with you. Following this the dentist will then prepare your tooth for the crown.

You will be given a local anaesthetic before the start of the treatment.

The dentist will then clean the tooth to be capped; removing any signs of decay and will then reshape it using a small drill called a ‘burr’. The aim is toe achieve a tapered tooth which will enable the crown to fit snugly over it.

Once these is done the dentist will then make a mould using dental wax (putty) to take an impression of your teeth. This involves you biting into the wax to leave an imprint of your teeth. This mould is then sent to a dental laboratory where it will be used as a blueprint for your new crown.

This can take 2 to 3 weeks so during that time you will be given a temporary crown to wear.

Stage 2

In your second visit the dentist will remove the temporary crown before etching the surface of the tooth with a special type of acid which give it a rough surface. This rough surface will enable the dental cement to form a strong bond between the tooth and the crown.

The dentist will then fit your new crown over your tooth and check its fitting and alignment. He or she will also check to see that it fits in well with your natural teeth.

Once you are both happy with this then your dentist will use dental cement to fix the crown in place.

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