What can Dental veneers treat?

They are used to treat gaps in your teeth, stained teeth or teeth that have become badly worn over a period of time.

If you have teeth which are so badly stained that teeth whitening cannot help then veneers can cover this discolouration.

If you notice a chipped tooth or one that has become worn down due to excessive teeth grinding (bruxism) then consider composite bonding or a porcelain veneer.

Veneers are also good for hiding any unattractive gaps between your teeth.

They can be used as a means of improving crooked or misaligned teeth. An orthodontic treatment such as an Invisalign brace would be a better option as this will straighten crooked teeth, but this treatment can be time consuming.

As a result of this many patients opt for a veneer as a temporary measure. When placed over crooked teeth they instantly give the impression of beautifully straight, white teeth.
The most popular type of veneer is porcelain although some patients opt for a composite veneer (also known as composite bonding). The main reason for that is cost – composite veneers are cheaper than porcelain, but this can turn out to be a false economy.

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