Are there different types of Dental veneers ?

Yes, there are three different types of veneer to choose from:

Lumineers are almost identical to a porcelain veneer except they are thinner and, don’t require any trimming. They are made from a cerinate porcelain which is the same thickness as a contact lens but is very strong.

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The da Vinci veneer is similar to a lumineer: it is a very thin yet durable veneer which is proving to be very popular with celebrity patients and well known cosmetic dentists, especially in the USA.

In regard to the US: the name ‘da Vinci’ comes from the da Vinci dental laboratory in California which is the only place that manufacturers this type of veneer.

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The MAC veneer is also produced in the US, at Microdental laboratories in California. It is made from pressed ceramic and is more durable than the traditional veneer.

These are also popular with celebrities and other high profile people.

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