Do gels, mousses or hairsprays cause your hair to fall out?

If you are allergic to a particular hair product, for example a shampoo or use a hair colour which contains chemicals then it can damage your hair.

Overuse of these products can also cause problems as they tend to cause a build up in your hair over a period of time. This causes your hair to become stiff (or like ‘needles’), dry, brittle or prone to breakage, or split ends. They can strip out essential oils and nutrients from your hair which helps to keep it lubricated and healthy.

Women usually make greater use of these products then men which is why this is discussed in greater detail in our Female Hair Loss section. However, men are taking a greater interest in looking after their hair which includes the use of various hair products.

So if you are a man experiencing hair problems due to excessive gel or spray use then you will find the above named section of equal benefit. Hair problems caused by the above products don’t discriminate between the sexes.

Stop using a particular product if it has an adverse affect and give your hair a chance to heal.

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