How do you treat hair loss?

First of all it’s a case of determining whether your hair loss is temporary or permanent. Some forms of hair loss tend to resolve themselves over a period of time without need for medical treatment.

However others need a bit of help.

If your hair loss is as a result of male pattern baldness then this tends to be permanent. You have the choice of accepting this and let it take its natural course or opt to go completely bald.

On the other hand you can always choose to wear a wig, scalp reduction/stretching surgery or a hair transplant.

Be wary of clinics which make fantastic claims for hair growth as unfortunately, some of these do not deliver what they promise. They may offer what sounds like the perfect cure but the saying ‘caveat emptor’ (or ‘let the buyer beware’) applies here.

Do your homework and research these very carefully before going ahead with treatment.

Our Treatment section contains more information on the types of treatment available.

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