What should I ask the CLE/RLE surgeon at the consultation?

If you have a severe type of refractive error then the issue that will particularly concern you is the risk of retinal detachment. Ask your surgeon about the possible side effects or complications associated with CLE/RLE.

After all, a detached retina is a very serious condition and one that can lead to loss of sight so you need to be made aware of this as well as any other risks.

All we can say is to do your homework and choose your surgeon very carefully. Do not be pressurised into making a decision or into doing something which might turn out to be worse for you in the long term.

Only when you are satisfied with all the information you have in front of you can you then go ahead and make a decision.

Your eyesight is a very precious thing and you want to be absolutely certain that this is the right decision for you.

CLE/RLE Eye Surgery Guide:

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