Laser Thermokeratoplasty or LTK Laser Eye Surgery

This is a form of laser vision surgery which can be used to treat hyperopia (long sightedness) and astigmatism. It differs from LASIK, LASEK or other laser procedures in that the cornea is shrunk rather than reshaped.

The thing to bear in mind with this treatment is that it is not permanent. The eyes do change, especially when we reach middle age and so further surgery may be required.

What is ‘LTK?’

LTK stands for ‘Laser Thermokeratoplasty’ and is a form of laser vision surgery. It involves using a laser to shrink and reshape the cornea. This reshaping means that light can pass through the eye in a normal manner. Vision also becomes clearer.

This is a quick procedure which does not involve any cutting or removal of corneal tissue. It is mainly used to treat

LTK Laser Eye Surgery Guide:

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