Eye Lens Implants Guide

A large portion of lens implants done nowadays are based on new technologies like cataract surgery. A lot of people nowadays go through cataract surgery. This is when the natural lens of the eye is substituted with an artificial lens. The same techniques that are used for cataract surgery is also used for intra-ocular lens implant surgeries.

What are some of the conditions that Lens implants are trying to treat?

  • Myopia - also known as nearsightedness or short sightedness
  • Hyperopia - also known as long sightedness or farsightedness
  • Astigmatism

What are the different types of lens implants?

There are several types of implanting lenses into the eye. Sometimes, they are implanted directly into the eye in support of the natural lens of the eye. In other cases, they replace the natural lens of the eyes altogether. Lens implants can be categorised into two main sections and they are

  • Retention of the natural lens of the eye. This can be referred to as a PHAKIC contact lens implant or an implantable contact lens or ICL
  • Replacement of the natural lens of the eye

Lens Implants Guide

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