The PHAKIC Implantable Contact Lens Implants (ICL)

The PHAKIC ICL (Implantable Contact Lens) lens implants are intra-ocular lens which means that they are placed inside the eye. These contact lens implants are placed alongside the eye’s natural lens. Those who are very short sighted may not avail of the LASIK so they opt for the PHAKIC ICL instead. One difference between the LASIK and the PHAKIC ICL is that the laser surgery of LASIK is irreversible whilst you can change the lens in the PHAKIC ICL procedure.

PHAKIC ICL lens implants are ideal for patients who are young and who are in their thirties and forties. These implants are ideal for those with severe myopia. Since the lenses of their eyes are still elastic and since their eyes are still able to accommodate, these types of implants are ideal for them. Patients who can still see at close distance without using reading glasses are ideal for these kinds of implants. ICL will reduce the patient’s need for spectacles and contact lenses. At the same time, the ICL will also conserve the ability of their natural lenses to look at objects up close.

You may change the power of the lens implant if you wish to do so at any point in time. For patients who have dry eyes, the PHAKIC ICL type of implants may be better suited for them. The LASIK method may make the dry eyes even worse. In cases where the cornea is too thin or in cases where the cornea has reached its limit, the PHAKIC method may be used instead of the LASIK method as well.

One drawback of the PHAKIC lens implant surgery is that the surgery will be performed in the eye. This intra-ocular surgery is like a cataract operation and there may be a slight chance that an infection in the eye may occur. Other complications that can arise from surgery are also possible. Some patients report that they get glares while others have difficulty seeing at night. In comparison with the LASIK procedure, there are still less occurrences of glares with the PHAKIC procedure.

Bifocal PHAKIC Lens Implants

You can avail of the Bifocal PHAKIC lens implants if you want a lens that can see up close and at a distance. For those people who do not like using spectacles, these type of lens are a great way to compromise.

Artisan Lens

In Europe, the most utilized PHAKIC ICL is the Artisan Ophtec Iris-Fixated ICL. Hyperopia, astigmatism, and myopia are treated with this kind of lens. With this type of lens, you will completely eliminate the need to use glasses or contact lenses. The idea is to input the contact lens permanently into the eye.

Posterior Chamber PHAKIC ICL

The posterior chamber PHAKIC ICL lenses are placed at the back of the iris and in front of the natural lens. The most popular posterior chamber PHAKIC ICL lenses are the Star lens and they are made in the United States.

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