The benefits of eye lens implants

Here are some of the benefits that you can derive from obtaining lens implants

  • People who are suffering from dry eye should get lens implant surgery instead of the LASIK surgery
  • the severe cases of nearsightedness can be treated with the LASIK method or the ICL method when refractive surgery is necessary
  • The ICL is not noticeable since it is located behind the iris. Other people will not notice that you have gone through a lens implant surgery
  • you will be very satisfied after the procedure is performed
  • The lens stays in place even if you do not attend to it so often which makes it a very convenient choice
  • You can leave the ICL in your eyes on a permanent basis unlike the contact lenses which have to be removed every now and then
  • The lens will not get in the way of other eye functions
  • the recovery time for the operation is very quick and you will be able to resume your day-to-day activities after a short period of time
  • lens implants will not alter the eye unlike laser eye surgery. With lens implants, none of the tissue is removed the shape of the cornea remains the same
  • ICL surgery is flexible and you will be able to change the lens anytime you want. When the prescription of the patient changes, the lens will have to be changed as well
  • You can still wear contact lenses and glasses whenever you want
  • you can reverse the ICL surgery if you want to. You can remove the lens whenever you want unlike the permanent effect of laser eye surgery
  • You will not feel the presence of the lens

Lens Implants Guide

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