Am I a candidate for lens Implants ?

Here are some of the guidelines which make a candidate suitable for a lens implant

  • If your cornea is too thin then you are better suited for a lens implant then a LASIK laser eye surgery
  • This type of surgery is ideal for people who are aged twenty one to forty five years old. If you are in this age range then your eyes are still elastic. If your eyes are still able to see objects at close distances then the implants will allow you to see at far distances. You can use the natural lens of your eyes to see objects up close
  • If you have a history of ophthalmic surgery or any history of eye diseases like glaucoma, cataract, or diabetic retinopathy then you are not an ideal candidate for a lens implant
  • If you have moderate to severe nearsightedness then you are an ideal candidate for a lens implant

Lens Implants Guide

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