The procedure for implanting lenses

The doctor must first determine the strength of the lens that is appropriate for you before going through any surgeries. You will have to visit the clinic for a day even if the surgery will take only around thirty minutes. Even one week before the surgery, you will have to go to the clinic and have two small holes made in your iris with the use of a laser. This has to be done in order to prevent the ICL from interfering with the flow of the fluids through the pupil and any other problems that may arise.

During the surgery, anaesthetic drops are placed in order to minimize the discomfort. You will be awake during the surgery although you will barely notice any pain. These drops are also used for preventing any infections that may happen related to the surgery. The lenses are usually placed during different times in order to find out if there will be any infections or if the lens will be rejected by the body.

The normal procedure for putting in the lens will start with the small incision at the side of the cornea and the insertion of the lens right in front of the natural lens of the eyes. This process is very fast and in order to prevent any infections from occurring, a protective pad is placed over the eye. It is best if you get someone to drive you home and take care of you for a couple of days because you will not be able to function properly during the healing period.

After a couple of days, you will be able to notice some improvement although you will already notice some improvements right after the surgery. You can return to your normal day-to-day activities after fourteen days. In order to make sure that everything is okay, you may have to visit the clinic during this period as well.

Lens Implants Guide

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