Cross Linking C3-R eye surgery

This is a non-invasive treatment for patients with keratoconus. The aim of this procedure is to strengthen an already weak cornea by ‘cross linking’ the collagen fibres found in the cornea.

These collagen fibres are increased to form a strong network which reinforces the structure of the cornea. The aim is toe prevent any outward bulging of the cornea which then becomes irregular and too steep. This is the chief cause of keratoconus.

Cross-linking C3-R Procedure

This is a relatively quick procedure which can be combined with ICR’s or INTACS. The surgeon administers special riboflavin drops to the eyes and activates these by immersing the surface of the eye in a specific wavelength of light.

What happens is that this process stimulates the production of the cross-linking of collagen fibres within the cornea. This results in a stronger cornea.

The surgeon will then place a soft contact lens into the eye which must be worn for the first 24 hours following this procedure.

This procedure takes around an hour and half.

You will be given eye drops and a set of instructions for their use. Please stick to these instructions as this will help to prevent any infection.

When combined with ICR/INTACS, this has the effect of flattening the bulging cornea as well as strengthening it.

Research has also shown it to be effective in stabilising patients who have undergone RK (radial keratectomy). Evidence shows that the results are permanent.

The London Vision Clinic ( offers this treatment.

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