What is the CLE/RLE procedure?

You will be given local anaesthetic drops and an injection to help numb the eye. Antibiotic eye drops will also be given to help prevent against the risk of infection during the procedure.

Your eye will be held open with a special ‘clip’ device to stop you from blinking or having to keep it open during surgery.

The surgeon will then an ultrasound probe to break down the lens of the eye before removing it via a suction device (aspiration).

He or she will insert the IOL into the space previously occupied by the lens. This usually means in front of the cornea. The lens is inserted in a ‘folded up’ state via the probe but will naturally unfold itself once it is in place. It is fixed in place by means of supporting loops.

The surgeon will close the tiny incision and place a bandage or eye patch over the treated eye.

CLE/RLE Eye Surgery Guide:

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