What is the Epi-LASIK laser eye surgery procedure?

The procedure starts with the surgeon placing a special clip onto your eye to keep it open. He or she will then place anaesthetic drops into your eye to numb it.

The surgeon then uses a special instrument called an ‘epikeratome’ (a plastic oscillating blade) to make a thin sheet in the outer layer of the cornea or epithelium.

This sheet or flap is then lifted and folded (gently) to one side to enable the laser to access the cornea.

The surgeon will then use an excimer laser to reshape the cornea. It does this by removing tissue from the middle layer or stroma of the cornea.

The corneal flap is then folded back into position and a special contact lens or bandage lens is placed over the eye. This helps to keep the flap in place whilst the epithelium re-grows itself.

Antibiotic eye drops will be placed into your eye to prevent infection. You may be given ‘artificial tears’ to use which help to lubricate the eye. Dry eyes are a side effect of laser eye surgery but eye drops will help to deal with this.

Epi-LASIK Surgery Guide:

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