How does LTK differ from other laser eye procedures?

The main differences are in the technique and the results. In the first case, a laser is used to apply a ring of small heat spots to the cornea. These areas of heat cause the cornea to contract which alters its shape. This results in improved vision and focusing power.

There is no cutting of the outer layer of the cornea – the epithelium, which occurs with LASEK, LASIK and PRK.

And, secondly, the results are short term only which means further surgery will be required. The eyes are often ‘overcorrected’ to take into account the ‘regression’ in the patient’s eyesight. In fact, you can expect to lose a great deal of the corrective effects of your new eyesight in the first 3 months following surgery.

Conversely, LASEK, PRK and LASIK have long lasting or even permanent effects.

LTK Laser Eye Surgery Guide:

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