What are the risks of LTK?

All forms of laser eye surgery have risks although these are rare. However, complications do happen and it’s as well to be aware of these before going ahead with surgery.

The main ones with LTK are:

  • Foreign body in the eye: you may feel as if there is an object in your eye after surgery but eye drops will deal with this.
  • Temporary nearsightedness (myopia): surgeons tend to ‘overcorrect’ with this procedure which can result in temporary short-sightedness. You may find that you have to wear glasses or contact lenses for the first few weeks after surgery.
  • Light sensitivity: you may experience some mild sensitivity to light but this will ease after a day or so.
  • Risk of developing astigmatism.
  • Regression: this procedure is not permanent. You will find that your eyes start to return to their pre-operative state within the first 3 months after surgery. It has been found that many patients lose all the corrective effects within 2 to 3 years after surgery.

LTK Laser Eye Surgery Guide:

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