What are the benefits of Wavefront LASIK laser eye surgery?

Wavefront has been shown to result in crisp, clear vision. It can also correct any ‘problems’ caused by standard LASIK such as glare, starbursts and poor night vision.

This is not to denigrate standard LASIK in any shape or form: LASIK is a very safe and popular procedure which has resulted in thousands of happy patients.

As we know, technology moves on and that is what has happened with laser vision correction. It is continually evolving and has moved from PRK surgery through to LASIK and now Wavefront.

The beauty of this procedure is that it can map the layout of the cornea to such a high degree that the surgeon can remove any flaws or defects in vision.

Plus, it removes less corneal tissue which means less risk of ‘thinning’ of the cornea. This is particularly important of you already have ‘thin’ corneas.  

In terms of perfect vision, 98% of patients get perfect (20/20) or near perfect vision.

Wavefront LASIK Surgery Guide:

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