How does Wavefront Lasik differ from standard LASIK, LASEK and other laser eye treatments?

The main difference with wavefront LASIK is in the degree of accuracy and precision. Standard laser eye surgery tends to treat all patients eyes in the same way, but, everyone is different when it comes to their eye optics and this is not usually taken into account.

With Wavefront LASIK, the surgeon takes very precise measurements of the eye, highlighting even the tiniest defects with vision. So, if a patient is short-sighted, the surgeon can record even the slightest curvature of the lens.

The treatment can then be adjusted to take into account these findings. This means that the patient gets a highly individualised treatment.

It has been said that standard LASIK treats 95% of refractive errors whereas Wavefront targets those remaining 5%.

Wavefront LASIK Surgery Guide:

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