What are the risks of Wavefront LASIK?

All laser eye surgery comes with a small amount of risk but these are even rarer with Wavefront LASIK. Complications can occur but so far, have happened in only 0.03% of cases.

Complications include halos, glare, blurred vision, under or over correction, dry eyes, and infection. However, these tend to be very rare with Wavefront. 

Other possible risks include problems with the development of the special corneal flap and a condition called ‘Diffuse Lamellar Keratitis’ (DLK). DLK is known in layman’s terms as ‘Sands of the Sahara’: this unpleasant condition arises when cellular material becomes trapped underneath the corneal flap causing the patient to experience the feeling of trapped sand or grit in their eye.

The danger with this condition is that it can cause permanent scarring and in some cases, a loss of vision.

Please don’t become unduly alarmed by this as the likelihood of these conditions happening is very rare. Wavefront LASIK uses a computer guided laser which is extremely precise so the chances of this happening are remote.

If you have any concerns then discuss these with your surgeon at your consultation.

Wavefront LASIK Surgery Guide:

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