AutoloGel System to be showcased Cytomedix

October 20th, 2010
AutoloGel System to be showcased Cytomedix

At the 18th Annual Scientific Meeting of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), Cytomedix, a top developer of regenerative therapies for inflammation, angiogenesis, and wound care, will soon be showcasing it’s AutoloGel System.

The only PRP system with FDA clearance for managing wounds, the AutoloGel System is to be highlighted by Cytomedix in front of an audience of around eight hundred doctors and surgeons and around one hundred and fifty surgical assistants.

President and CEO of Cytomedix, Martin P. Rosendale was quoted as stating: ‘The surgical hair restoration market offers an excellent opportunity for Cytomediz as it is a private-pay indication. We are looking forward to discussing our AutoloGel product with hair restoration specialists who want to enhance clinical outcomes for their patients.’

Dr. Robert J. Reese, commenting in an article published in Hair Transplant Forum International, stated: ‘Relating to hair restoration, the application of PRP has been evaluated as a treatment to both speed wound healing and foster hair growth. Both of these endpoints relate to the delivery of growth factor, cytokine and chemokine activities, and based upon available past and present data, this author suggests that PRP containing physiologic concentrations of platelets is most appropriate.’

Martin Rosendale concluded: ‘We have long understood the underlying clinical rationale for AutoloGel benefits in wound care and are pleased that Dr. Reese’s outcomes confirm that physiologically relevant concentrations of AutoloGel’s PRP may speed the healing and foster hair growth following hair restoration surgery.’

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