40% of Hair Loss Sufferers are Women-1939

August 11th, 2014
40% of Hair Loss Sufferers are Women-1939

It is generally accepted that as men grow older, many will either lose their hair completely or the hairline will recede significantly.

However, hair loss isn’t just an issue exclusive to males. Many women also find that their hair thins over time. Around 40% of women will experience hair thinning by the time they are 40.

Like men, as women get older, hair loss is highly likely to occur. Known as senescent alopecia, it is a natural process, and occurs in women in their 50s. However, hair loss can happen for a variety of different reasons before women reach that age.

According to cosmetic surgeon Dr. Yael Halaas, most women actually start to lose their hair between the ages of 25-35.

Why do women lose their hair?

Like men, there are many reasons why women may experience hair loss. In 90% of cases it is believed that it has a genetic basis.

In some cases, a loss of up to 70% of hair is a consequence of a response to stressors. These can include crash dieting, child birth, divorce and a traumatic accident.

Other stressors are sunburn on the scalp and going on (or off) the contraceptive pill.

In some women, hair loss can occur after surgery or being ill. Hair loss while taking anti-depressants is relatively common. Women can even experience hair loss as a result of becoming a vegetarian or vegan.

When asked how they feel about losing their hair, many women equate it to losing a limb.

If the loss or thinning of hair is stress-related, the hair is likely to re-grow. However in women with a genetic basis, the hair won’t grow back.


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