Cosmetic Surgery Divides Celebrity Opinion

November 26th, 2013
Cosmetic Surgery Divides Celebrity Opinion

It is well known that celebrities lead the way where others follow. This is particularly noticeable when applied to plastic surgery. Growth over the last ten years or so has been nothing short of phenomenal.

However it seems that the need to go under the knife maybe on the wane, at least as far as entertainers and other high profile individuals are concerned.

It seems that two of these celebrities have decided to come clean over their attitudes to cosmetic surgery. On the on hand, Emma Thompson, famous for her roles in Harry Potter and in Nanny McPhee recently commented that there must be something wrong with people who decide to have some form of cosmetic surgery.

On the other hand, Sharon Osbourne who is perhaps even more influential in her role as wife of Ozzy Osbourne and judge on the X-Factor recently said that she was rather disturbed at how much surgery she has had.

Emma Thompson is strongly averse to having any work done – even Botox injections. She even went as far as suggesting anyone who has one as being psychotic.

While this comment may be somewhat over the top, her point is that trying to get rid of wrinkles to maintain some semblance of youth is a futile exercise.

Emma herself is now in her fifties but appears to be comfortable in her skin; she sees no reason to try to make herself look younger.

On the Graham Norton Show recently, Emma said that having your body opened up so you can insert things or inject poisons into it is psychotic.

This attitude however contrasts sharply with that of Sharon Osbourne who described herself as a fan of plastic surgery.

Yet, even she it seems is starting to think that her obsession with going under the knife is a little worrying.

She told reporters: “There’s only so much the human body can take – and mine does not need any more stress placed on it in my endless pursuit of youth.”

Oddly, it has stopped her flying out once again to Los Angeles for more treatment.

The question that must be asked is: can cosmetic surgery lead to a psychological disorder?


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