Is The Perfect Look Attainable?

January 20th, 2014
Is The Perfect Look Attainable?

A woman from South Korea believed that the only way to get a perfect face was to go under the cosmetic surgeon’s knife a number of times – 120 times to be exact.

Invited to go on a Korean television show to discuss her ‘habit’ the lady revealed that she looks in the mirror every morning. If there is anything she doesn’t like the look of she will book an appointment with her plastic surgeon.

Interestingly, while most people will use disposable income to save up and get work done, in the case of Xu Erxiu, (not her real name) she decided to get a job simply to enable her to fulfil her dream.

That was 7 years ago.

It all began when she had double eyelid surgery. The change apparently made such an impact on how she felt about herself that Xu Erxiu embarked on what must be one of the longest episodes physical self-improvement.

But the question that must be asked is that while it may be worthwhile going under the knife, when does the need to improve your appearance become an obsession with perfection?

In reality there is no such thing as perfection, and all the practice in the world will never achieve that. All that practice can do is to improve on what went on before. At some point even those improvements become marginal and probably unnoticeable for the onlooker.

In the seven years Xu Exiu has been going under the knife it has cost her 100,000 dollars. What’s more, despite her surgeon advising her to stop, the lady still isn’t satisfied.

Her dream is apparently to look like a doll.

In some people this obsession has a psychological basis – it’s called body dysmorphic disorder. Whether Xu Erxiu is body dysmorphic isn’t known, but the likelihood is very high.


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