New Tool For Cosmetic Surgeons

February 25th, 2011
New Tool For Cosmetic Surgeons

A researcher at Tel Aviv University in Israel has invented a new tool which it is hoped will help cosmetic surgeons ensure mistakes are not made during surgery.

Called the ‘before and after tool’, Dr. Alex Bronstein tried to solve a troublesome mathematic problem used in computer modelling known as deformations. This particular equation tries to predict the behaviour of non rigid objects. In doing so he was able to build a new tool that can produce a 3D image after surgery image.

Dr. Bronstein told reporters: “Our program is more like a virtual mirror. It gives surgeons and their patients a way to see a 3D before-and-after image as though the patient has really undergone the operation.”

One of the biggest problems in cosmetic surgery is while the operation goes well, until everything returns to normal for a patient, it has not always been possible to guarantee that the results will turn out as predicted. This tool will help enormously.

Using a lot of pre and post surgery images of patients, Bronstein fed the computer the information, which in turn calculated and visually created 3D images.

It is now hoped that the new cosmetic tool can be developed commercially. The researcher said: “The software will not only show women and men a much more accurate outcome, but also help surgeons achieve more favourable results for their clientele.”

This piece of research coincides with other research being carried out to make 3D more commercial. 3D technology is becoming more widespread both in the commercial and medical world. Hopefully, the ‘before and after tool’ will help further this development.


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