Obesity Can Affect Knee Joints

September 26th, 2013
Obesity Can Affect Knee Joints

Research by American scientists has found that a 10% reduction in weight can have a remarkable impact on knee joints by easing the pressure they undergo.

The scientists from Wake Forest University in North Carolina carried out what is described as an Intensive Diet and Exercise for Arthritis (IDEA) study to determine the effects heavy bodies have on joints.

Although anecdotal evidence did appear to support the notion that the joints, in particular knee joints were severely affected, leading onto arthritis.

However until now no definitive research had been conducted.

The researchers placed 454 obese participants aged 55 and over in one of 3 groups – diet and exercise; diet only and exercise only.

They were followed for an 18 month period, and their joints as well as general health monitored.

The results were startling. It seems that just a 10% reduction in weight improved the participants’ overall physical wellbeing including less pressure on the joints.

One interesting factor was increased speed of walking.

It is generally assumed as people get older walking speed decreased. This research seemed to contradict this ‘fact’.

Hopefully, this latest research will be spread more widely with obese patients being educated as to why they need to lose weight. But more importantly, that some, if not all the effects of being overweight can be reversed.


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