Protein shakes; the new diet miracle

November 9th, 2010
Protein shakes; the new diet miracle

Dieters everywhere are always searching for the true weight loss miracle product that will help them to shed the pounds without having to starve themselves r survive on celery. Could it be that the answer has been staring us all in the face all along?

Music producer Rick Rubin has been recently showing off his toned-down body in the US, which he achieved by drinking protein shakes, more commonly used by people who want to bulk up as they have been found to build and repair muscle.

However, experts have yet to be convinced that they are a good idea for overweight people who are looking to get fit and lose weight. In fact, drinking too many has been known to lead to weight gain or more serious consequences such as dehydration, kidney problems and osteoporosis.

“Most people already eat more protein than they need,” says Shayla Roberts, owner of Evolution Coaching in Vancouver. “Protein shakes may be a good “quick fix” for people looking to lose weight, since protein makes us feel full, but drinking them is not a good long-term strategy when it comes to dieting,” she said.

“You will eventually have to return to eating food, and if you haven’t changed your eating behaviours then you are not going to maintain your weight loss,” Ms. Roberts added.

Health experts agree that the only way to lose weight and keep it off is to make basic changes to your lifestyle, involving a better diet and more exercise – and that there is unlikely to be a miracle diet remedy out there at all.

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