UK Clinic At The forefront of a New Cosmetic Procedure

March 30th, 2011
UK Clinic At The forefront of a New Cosmetic Procedure

A new minimalist invasive procedure has been showcased at a clinic in Chelmsford. Called the trampoline neck lift, patients are given treatment to improve their neck lines.

The procedure was actually launched in the US two years ago, but has now found favour with one clinic in Britain, where a training session took place. Fifty surgeons from Britain and continental Europe attended the session, which was hosted by Professor James Frame. The procedures carried out on patients were performed by Dr Gregory Mueller, a plastic surgeon from Hollywood in the US.

Speaking with reporters, Professor Frame said: “The operation, which can be carried out under local anaesthetic, is performed by using a specially developed fibre optic rod and surgical thread.

“The surgeon makes a series of tiny pin pricks in which the thread is weaved before being tightened, which in turn tightens and repositions the skin and soft tissue around the neck.”

He added: “It is very exciting to be part of such a revolutionary new process and we are proud that the Chelmsford Medical Centre is one of the first places in the UK to offer this procedure.

“Traditionally the neck has been a very difficult area to treat but this new procedure vastly reduces the risks associated with traditional surgery.

“Although the iGuide neck lift is new to the UK, it has been available in America for over a year and has been performed on more than 250 patients with excellent results.”

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