Worries About Increasing Hair Loss In Korea

February 10th, 2011
Worries About Increasing Hair Loss In Korea

Since the Second World War, and more particularly since the 1950s after the Korean civil war, South Korea has become more and more westernised. As such, it also seems to have its fair share of ‘western health problems’; one of these could be hair loss.

Why loss of hair is on the increase in Korea is not really understood, but it is becoming a worrying problem. Between 2005 and 2010 the number of people reporting hair loss and looking for treatment has doubled. The figure now stands at 10 million.

Local reporters in Seoul interviewed residents who had suffered hair loss and found the factors varied, not to mention how they react to it. For instance, one resident said: “Since I’m a woman, I would pay a great deal of attention to how I would look if I had hair loss. I think I won’t be able to go out often. I will probably need a hat of some kind.”

Another said: “During my first month of recovery after giving birth, I lost a lot of hair.”

This last reply could indicate some immune or genetic factor could be a reason, but equally it may be the fast paced lifestyle that Koreans seem to have adopted. This certainly appears to be view of Jo Ae-gyeong, Professor of Family Medicine at Korea University who told reporters: “Compared to the past, people today are under more stress, drink or smoke more often, are more exposed to pollution, and their diets are not well-balanced. Also, frequent perms and hair dyeing can also cause hair loss.”

Whatever the reasons, people are looking for treatments and a growing number of companies are beginning to take up the challenge. One such company, Jeun Cell creates its own solutions. The CEO of the company, Kim Mu-yeong said: “Our company is researching and producing hair loss treatment and prevention solutions that are made up solely of 100% natural ingredients.”

In true Korean style, this company appears to be going down a different route to western countries; the latter seem to moving towards Hi-Tech involvement.

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