What is the cosmetic bonding procedure?

You will be given a local anaesthetic although not every cosmetic bonding procedure requires this.

The dentist will clean the tooth to be treated and will choose the right shade of composite to match that tooth. He or she will keep the tooth clean by wrapping it in rolls of cotton before reshaping it. This involves using a small tool called a ‘burr’ (small drill). This also gives the tooth a rough surface which is essential for the bond.

The surface of the tooth is then etched with an acid based gel which enables the composite to hold fast to the tooth. The dentist then applies the composite bond to the tooth and uses a special light source which causes the bond to set and harden. The bonding material may be applied in several layers until it reaches the desired shape and appearance.

And to finish with, the dentist will polish the tooth until it has a smooth finish and compliments your other teeth.

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