Does an antiseptic mouthwash help?

Antiseptic mouthwashes are good for rinsing out any lingering food deposits as well as killing plaque forming bacteria.

And, they can make your breath smell fresh as well!

There are several different types of mouthwash: these include the cosmetic variety which you can buy over the counter, natural ‘herbal’ ones and special ‘therapeutic’ mouthwashes which are prescribed for oral conditions such as gingivitis.

If you have bad breath (or ‘halitosis’) then you will find that a mouthwash helps, although it tends to reduce the problem rather than cure it.

If you suffer from a condition called ‘dry mouth’ then a mouthwash can help to lubricate your mouth, as a preventative measure, against a whole range of conditions. These include tooth decay, dental cavities, bad breath, sore throat and difficulty chewing or swallowing.

Mouthwashes are covered in greater detail in our hygiene products section.

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