What is a brace?

A brace is a form of corrective device, often made from wire and metal which helps to straighten misaligned teeth. They can be worn on either the upper or lower teeth, or both and force the teeth to move in a direction which will improve their overall position.

This will also correct any problems with your bite (malocclusion) or jaw misalignment.

A brace can be worn from 6 weeks to several years, depending on the extent of the treatment.

What does a brace do? It can straighten crooked or misaligned teeth, widen the jaws (small mouth) and create spaces between the teeth to relieve overcrowding.

There are two types of brace: fixed and removable.

A fixed brace is as the name says: it is worn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week until otherwise directed.

The removable type of brace can be removed and cleaned as and where necessary.

You may be given a ‘retainer’ type brace to wear following this period of treatment which helps to keep your newly aligned teeth in place.

There are several varieties of brace within these two categories:

  1. Metal or plastic braces

    These include the traditional stainless steel variety as well as sapphire braces, ceramic braces, gold and silver plated braces.

  2. Invisible braces– see Invisalign, Simpli5 and Clearstep. These are made of a transparent material and are ideal for patients with mild occlusion.
  3. Lingual braces: these are made from metal but are attached to the rear surfaces of your teeth.
  4. Bands: these wrap around most of the teeth.
  5. Inman Aligners: this is made of a semi-transparent material and works on a coiled spring system which pushes or pulls the teeth into place.
  6. Damon braces: these too are made from a semi-transparent material. They are a combination of stainless steel and a ceramic reinforced composite material and use a sliding mechanism to hold the archwire in place.
  7. Invu braces: these are made from a white ceramic material and use natural coloured bands to attach the brackets to the archwire.
  8. Six month braces: this is the name given to a treatment process which aims to correct crooked or badly shaped teeth. It uses special braces to do so.

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