Q4. Why does my child get lots of ear infections?

A4. Children are particularly prone to all sorts of diseases and illnesses which include ear infections. Most children develop these before the age of ten: once they reach that age they have usually grown out of them.

The most common ear infection in children is otitis media which affects the middle ear.

There are a couple of reasons why children pick up ear infections easily.

The first one is that the Eustachian tube in children isn’t quite as developed as an adult’s. This tube is smaller and flatter which makes it easier for fluid to build up there and for infections to develop.

The second one and you will be familiar with this if you are a parent is that children have a tendency to pick up any disease or infection going. This happens once they mix with others or start school.

In most cases the ear infection clears up after a few days but if it continues or the symptoms have worsened then see your GP. If your child suffers from repeated ear infections then also see your GP as this may need further investigation.

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