Q11. How is arthritis treated?

A11. Treatment takes the form of a plan which includes medication, e.g. steroids, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, diet, exercise and podiatry.

Surgery is another option but most people with arthritis do not require this.

This is basically, a ‘self help’ plan which is designed to enable you to manage the symptoms of your arthritis and lead a normal life. In some cases you have to accept that there will be limitations, for example with mobility so it is a case of adapting to that.

This applies to all aspects of your life such as work, leisure and at home.

Your specialist team will discuss these treatments with you.

Why not find out more about this in our treatment for arthritis section and, our living with arthritis section.

At present there is no cure for arthritis which means learning to cope with your condition.

Arthritis FAQs:

Arthritis FAQs

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