Q8. What causes arthritis?

A8. The causes of arthritis are in many ways, largely unknown. Theories include genetic factors such as inheriting a tendency towards arthritis, e.g. nodal osteoarthritis, viral infection, autoimmune disease, e.g. lupus and general wear and tear.

Arthritis often occurs following a sports injury, an accident or repeated trauma to a joint.

Most forms of arthritis are not genetic in origin. That means that you are not likely to develop them as a result of a gene passed down in your family.

So, if someone in your family has arthritis then you may be at greater risk of developing this but other factors have to be taken into account. You may develop arthritis due to any of the reasons mentioned in the first paragraph.

Find out more in either our risk factors for arthritis or causes of arthritis sections.

Arthritis FAQs:

Arthritis FAQs

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