Do mothers suffering from postnatal depression harm their baby?

Many mothers worry that if they suffer from postnatal depression (PND) they may be at risk of harming their baby. Generally this does not happen as most mothers look after their children just as well as mothers who are not suffering from PND. There are some cases of mothers or family members harming their babies but this does not directly link to PND. Some cases of battered babies have been due to the mother experiencing horrific treatment when they were a child which has left psychological marks on their behaviour.  

It is very rare for a mother with PND to harm her child and it is especially less common if she is suffering from postnatal psychosis. This is when the mother becomes disillusioned and believes that her baby is terminally ill. PND is a treatable disease that can be cured with medical guidance and treatment and it is best to address the issue of PND at the earliest. 

If you are suffering from PND and are worried that you may harm your child it is best to talk to a doctor straight away or discuss your concerns with your partner. It is important to remember that  this depression is temporary and many mothers experience it but it doesn’t mean that they will harm their child.

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