The quick guide to a well-planned pregnancy

Couples who are trying for a baby undoubtedly want to do their best to ensure they are healthy so that everything runs smoothly when they conceive. They therefore try their best to undertake several precautions prior to conception. There is no hard and fast rule to ensure you have a well-planned pregnancy, but there is however certain steps that can help to put you on the right track for a healthy pregnancy, as examined below:

  1. Visiting your doctor before trying for a baby can help to resolve any questions you may have regarding pregnancy. The doctor will likely analyse your history of health and give you advice regarding diet, exercise and vitamins.
  1. By following a healthy balanced diet you can ensure that your body is ready for a baby, and also provide your body with the nutrients needed to conceive. Eating at least five fruit and vegetables a day is a good way to ensure your body is getting the nutrients it needs.
  1. Exercise is vital to ensure that you maintain a healthy body. If you were to try exercise such as walking every day you could dramatically improve your fitness and energy levels ready for birthing.
  1. Folic acid supplements may be provided by your doctor a month or two prior to conception, and for the first few weeks of pregnancy; however, your doctor will specify the duration. It is recommended to take folic acid during pregnancy, as it protects the unborn baby against spina bifida in the first few weeks of pregnancy when the baby’s bones are forming.
  1. Get plenty of sleep before your baby comes and make time to relax. Once you conceive you can expect that in the first few months there will be many sleepless. You need to build up your energy beforehand.
  1. Consult your friends and family who have children about pregnancy and what they did to have a successful pregnancy. They may have some tips that can help you with your own birthing experience.
  1. Pregnant women are more susceptible to dental problems during pregnancy. It is therefore worth visiting your dentist before you get pregnant in order to sort out any dental problems that may need treatment.
  1. If you smoke it is best to stop before you are pregnant, as smoking can significantly harm you and your baby. It is best to consult your doctor who can provide you with relevant information and advice in order to stop smoking.
  1. Reduce your alcohol intake prior to conception and during pregnancy. The consumption of alcohol during pregnancy is not advised to more than a minimal extent.
  1. Try to drink plenty of water during pregnancy. It washes out toxins and helps with digestion. This is beneficial to everyone, not only pregnant women.
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