Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy is on the increase and is becoming a societal problem for many countries. It is thought that teenage girls aged 13 to 19 are increasingly becoming pregnant due to unprotected sex and a lack of understanding regarding contraception. Many teenage pregnancies are unwanted and girls do not know what to do or who to turn to. Some teenagers who wish to finish their education may need to consider the option of abortion, but this is a decision that is difficult to make regardless of age. Some teenage girls are as young as 13 when they fall pregnant and are not mature enough to look after another life. However, many teenagers do decide to keep their baby, even though it can cost them their education and teenage years. It is therefore important to look at all the options available, such as childcare which some teenage mothers choose to make use of while they get an education or go to work.

Causes of Teenage Pregnancies

Many girls are unable to say no to sexual intercourse due to peer pressure or a fear of losing their boyfriend. What’s more, some teenage girls decide to take the step of having sexual intercourse without really knowing what contraception options are available, or they may even be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. A lack of sexual education is also a worrying prospect and is thought to result in many unwanted pregnancies. And yet, some teenage girls want to have a baby due to social circumstances and a need to be loved, but the realities of having a child often don’t kick in until it is too late.

Contraception Options for Teenagers

There are many contraception options to aid birth control for teenagers who want to have sexual intercourse without getting pregnant. Condoms are the most common choice for teenagers as they are safe and can aid in the practice of safe sex. The contraceptive pill is also beneficial, able to be taken daily to ensure pregnancy does not occur. If a teenage girl has already had sexual intercourse there is also the emergency pill which can be taken up to 78 hours after sexual intercourse.

Another form of contraception which may be used if a teenager is sexually active is to have a temporary coil fitted, which will aid in preventing ovulation. However, this may not be the best option if the girl is very young. It is important for parents or guardians to discuss the contraception available with their teenager if they know that they are sexually active, in order to remove misconceptions regarding pregnancy.

The first step

Firstly, you will need to discover whether you are pregnant or not. Things to take into account are whether your period is late or if you have had unprotected sex recently. You should take a pregnancy test if you are unsure, the many types available explored in the relevant section on this site. If you get a positive then you should see your GP to confirm the results. However, there are instances when you can get a false negative and it is therefore recommended that you still visit your doctor if unsure about your results. If you discover that you are pregnant then you may feel a range of emotions, whether it is excitement or fear, but you need to recognise that you are not alone and that there is a great amount of help available through relevant sources.

Options for Teenage Pregnancies

There are many options for teenage girls who find themselves pregnant. Some girls may want to keep the baby if they are over 18, while some may feel they are too young and not mature enough to look after a baby and may therefore choose to have an abortion. There are various help lines for girls who have found themselves pregnant unexpectedly, or who have an unwanted pregnancy and still wish to finish their education. Some charities give financial assistance to teenagers who have become pregnant in regards to factors such as domestic violence or abuse.

If you do want to have an abortion, or are a parent of a teenager who is considering having an abortion, it is recommended that you discuss this option with your doctor who will be able to offer further advice. Alternatively, you can visit an abortion clinic and arrange an appointment to discuss the procedure and what it entails. Teenage pregnancies can arouse many emotions, both for the teenager and their parents or guardians. It is always important to discuss the various options available and work out the best way of tackling the situation according to your specific circumstances.

Teenage Pregnancy:

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