What are the options available to young girls?

Some girls may be sure that they want to keep their baby; if this is the case, they should arrange to see their GP, who will confirm the pregnancy and start to arrange pre-natal care.

If you don’t feel ready to bring up a baby but you don’t want to have a termination, you may consider giving your baby up for adoption. It is advisable to talk to those close to you about this decision as it can be very difficult to go through a whole pregnancy and then give up your baby.

If you decide that you don’t want to have a baby or you feel that you can’t cope with bringing up a child, you may wish to consider having a termination. If you take this path, it is best to have the procedure as early as possible once you are sure about your decision. You will need to visit your GP if you want to have a termination; teenage girls can also go to special teenage drop-in clinics or visit Connexions centres for advice. If you are still in the first 9 weeks of the pregnancy, you can have an early abortion, which involves taking two tablets containing different medications 48 hours apart. If you leave it later, you will have to have a more invasive procedure. It is possible for a girl under the age of 16 to have a termination without her parents knowing; however, the patient must be referred by two doctors and she must be judged to understand the situation properly.

Teenage Pregnancy:

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